Smoke Signals: Washington State And Suquamish Tribe Ink First Ever Marijuana Compact

The Suquamish Tribe and the State of Washington recently signed and entered into the nation’s first marijuana compact to allow a Native American Tribe to cultivate, process, and sell marijuana within a state’s highly regulated marijuana system.  I previously blogged about how Washington was the first state to adopt a compacting system for tribes and regulated marijuana, but this signed compact reveals more about what tribes can expect when they “partner” with Washington State on cannabis. Other states are also looking at enacting their own compact system and will no doubt be closely watching Washington’s marijuana tribal experiment.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board negotiated the compact with the Suquamish Tribe on behalf of the state. In the compact, the state gives its own interpretation of the Wilkinson statement, writing “[t]hat memo effectively treats tribal governments the same as state governments in the decision to legalize marijuana.” The compact also describes the...

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