Alaska marijuana delivery business Felony charges filed Friday

Felony charges filed Friday in state court say Anchorage detectives made a series of undercover marijuana buys from three Alaska businesses. One delivery company was found with paperwork indicating more than $700,000 in sales since the beginning of the year, charges say.

Here is a summary of the charges against each business.


Prosecutors say that as early as April, Absolutely Chronic Delivery Co., or ACDC, advertised a local marijuana delivery service online and through social media in Anchorage.

The company offered to deliver the drug in exchange for mandatory “donations.” Owner Michael Crites told police in April that he was robbed at gunpoint when he delivered marijuana to someone and the purchaser refused to hand over a donation.

Over the next four months, detectives made a series of undercover drug buys from ACDC, prosecutors allege. On one occasion, for example, detectives bought brands labeled “Arctic Skunk”...

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