Dagga dealers shift ownership or rotate members

Prosecutor Mncedisi Dlamini said sometimes during trial, families members shift the ownership of the dagga to one of the family members, usually the head of the family.

Police officers usually arrest everyone that they find in that particular homestead or car and charge them with dagga possession. 

 Sometimes family members found in one car would claim that they got a lift. He said it was not easy to prove that they all owned the dagga as they were all aware of the consequences of its cultivation, hence they would be released. 

Usually, the released members would go and pay the fine for the incarcerated member.

“Sometimes they rotate the ownership of the dagga because they know that chances are likely that they will get custodial sentence if they appear for the second time for the same offence. They are fully aware of the law,” he said. Dlamini said some had...

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