Weekly US Cannabis Spot Price Index

U.S. Cannabis Benchmark Spot Index down 9% to $1,948 as harvest begins. The national price decreased by $185 per pound week-on-week, after reaching $2,133 last week, in what currently appears to have been the seasonal peak.

The fall harvest season has begun. Depending on local climate and the strains being grown, outdoor growers will generally harvest from mid-September to mid-November. Kushes and other indica-dominant strains are ready for harvest earlier, while sativa-dominant varieties require more time to mature if they are to be considered high-quality and exhibit fully the characteristics desired by consumers.

Spot Price index for cannabis benchmarks at the state level

Forward October closes flat; November and December Forwards increase despite growing supply.

October held at $1,850 per pound, with reported transactions ranging from $900 per pound for outdoor grown in California to $3,200 per pound for greenhouse grown in Arizona.  Meanwhile, buyers and brokers with...

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