UK: CLEAR To Become A Company Limited By Guarantee Following Members’ Referendum

Over the course of the first two weeks in September, CLEAR members have been voting online on CLEAR’s future legal status.

CLEAR was a single-issue political party until 2014, when the Executive Committee decided not to renew its registration with the Electoral Commission. It was felt that the idea of a single-issue party standing for Parliament was out of date and ineffective.

In recent years we have seen significant disadvantages to being a political party. Some of the media get nervous because of rules requiring balance in reporting. Potential members are put off by having to join a political party, and potential donors may be put off for the same reason. The cost of running even a very modest election campaign is now enormous and achieves little in the way of publicity or success.

CLEAR put the motion that it become a 'company limited by guarantee' out for referendum to...

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