Omaha Man Petitions for Marijuana Political Party

What do you think about the legalization of marijuana? An Omaha man believes so strongly, that he set out to make a new political party.

Mark Elsworth experienced politics during his run for governor last year. This year, however, Elsworth is in a new position as Chairperson of the Marijuana Party.

"We aren't an official party yet so we haven't actually started registering people," Elsworth said. "but we hope to register lots of people. We hope to get, you know, 20% of the registered voters in Nebraska."

The party revolves around the legalization of marijuana and support of political candidates that want to make marijuana legal.

Not everyone is on board with the campaign though. John Martin smoked marijuana for 20 years and is now against the drug fro recreational use.

" I smoked marijuana in the 70's, wound up in jail for it, paid the price and it's addictive."...

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