Noam’s tortured journey

A paramedic with a son suffering from bone cancer that was put through hell by the health system relates his story in a published diary, and it has a happy end.

medical and emotional roller-coaster is the best way to describe the war of the Benita family against their son Noam’s bone cancer, the health system bureaucracy and some arrogant doctors.

Moshe Benita – a paramedic and father of 10 living in Efrat with his pediatric nurse wife Ravit – decided to write a personal diary of their travails in 2013, the worst year of their lives. The just-published 119-page, softcover Hebrew-language book is titled Darchei Noam (Noam’s Journey, a word play on their son’s name and the verse from Proverbs referring to the words of wisdom in the Torah as being the paths of pleasantness).

On May 21, nine-year-old Noam complained of pain in his right thigh near the...

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