Should medical marijuana be legalized?

Is it time to give the sick access to this inexpensive cure?

Ira* has a condition called multiple sclerosis, which debilitates her brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Every attack is different: Sometimes, upper and lower extremities weaken. On some days, she goes blind. Often, Ira cannot stand, or walk, which for MS patients, can become extremely painful. Due to her illness, Ira has wrestled with bouts of depression and helpless agony. So when a cured epileptic patient told her his story about the miraculous effect of cannabis oil, she had to try it. She uses it sparingly: Two drops before sleep, and her tremors dwindle.

Romeo* never expected to make the hospital his second home. One day, Romeo found his infant son black and blue, not breathing. The eight-month-old just had a seizure. Sachi would be diagnosed with infantile hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, global developmental delay, and epilepsy. The baby would...

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