Sen. Kefalas: Let Colorado keep marijuana tax

When it comes to the fiscal underpinnings of Colorado government, the moving parts — and rules regulating them — are almost too many to count.

But with undisputed needs in areas including transportation, affordable housing and education, how do the parts work together and which ones can be jimmied so the state can pay for its needs?

State Sen. John Kefalas, D-Fort Collins, expects several attempts to change Colorado’s tax collection and refund policy in coming months, even if temporarily.

It all starts in November, when the state asks voters to let it keep $58 million in marijuana sales taxes.

The ballot proposes moving $40 million into public school construction budget, $12 million for youth marijuana education and prevention, substance abuse and law enforcement and another $6 million into the state general fund. That $58 million would otherwise be refunded via marijuana sales tax reduction, directly to cultivation facilities and...

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