I Harvested Cannabis in Morocco’s Rif Mountains

Story by Seshata

It is the middle of September, and the annual cannabis harvest in Morocco is about to commence. While some fields here and there have already been harvested, as is evident from the bare, vaguely oblong patches scattered here and there on the otherwise verdant hillsides, the vast majority are yet to be cut. PROHBTD has come to the Rif Mountains of northern Morocco, where the bulk of the country’s cannabis crop is cultivated, to observe the typical routine of an average day during harvest time.

Unfortunately, we have come to the farm of our friend Ali a little too early, and thus we won’t get to see the harvest of the main crop, which is an impressive 60,000 Amnesia Haze plants. However, the workers are busy in the smaller fields of beldia managed by Ahmed, one of Ali’s seven brothers, so we will be fortunate enough to observe this....

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