Puerto Rico: Cannabis could reduce debt

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Government of Puerto Rico could raise between $ 50- $ 100 million received by taxing cannabis use

The medicinal use of cannabinoids derived from Puerto Rico could represent an increase in government revenue through excise taxes on the sale, job creation in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, clinical research, production of plants, and others exhibited in the printed version of the Puerto Rican Journal of Medicine and Public Health (MPH) Mario Jordi Maura Perez, Department of Finance, School of Business Administration at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Río Piedras.

According to the Professor of Finance, the US federal government and the state government of Puerto Rico is facing a difficult fiscal outlook due to the economic crisis in recent years where according to the "CIA World Factbook" (2015) US debt represents approximately 72% of gross domestic product (GDP), this being the highest level since World War II.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico...

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