The White House Blacklisted Bolivia for Growing Coca While US States Sell Legal Weed

The US has again "decertified" Bolivia over what it calls a failure to comply with international narcotics agreements, despite recent data showing the country has achieved an unparalleled decrease in coca cultivation compared to other Andean nations in South America.

The decision, while widely expected, was roundly criticized by drug policy experts, who called the move hypocritical given that the US may be in contravention of UN drug conventions due to legalized marijuana markets in several states.

Bolivia was decertified for the eighth consecutive year, and was joined in receiving the rebuke this year by Myanmar and Venezuela. Decertification allows the US to withdraw aid packages, and impose certain additional measures on a government that is deemed to not be cooperating with American directives. 

Bolivia has long been a thorn in the side of American drug enforcement officials. In 2008, President Evo Morales booted the US Drug Enforcement Administration from the country, accusing...

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