'Normalization' of marijuana doesn't necessarily mean wider use

I thought Republicans supported reason and free enterprise, and yet here's Steve Schuh, the Republican executive of Anne Arundel County, getting his socks in a knot about the prospect of someone growing, processing and dispensing marijuana for medical purposes along the banks of the Severn. He wants to ban in his county what a new state law allows. Schuh worries that people who get therapeutic cannabis might end up becoming dealers.

 Under the regulations of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, patients who are certified for medical marijuana are allowed, with a doctor's recommendation, to purchase up to a quarter of a pound over a 30-day period. That sounds like a lot, I suppose, but it's not a given that everyone — that is, men, women and children with various conditions or illnesses — would get that much. Like any other medication, the amounts prescribed for marijuana would be based on...

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