Florida Man Trying to Buy Weed Accidentally Texts Narcotics Captain

A Florida man looking to score drugs was arrested this month after police say he mistakenly texted the captain of the Martin County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit, The Washington Post reports.

“When 29-year old William Lamberson of Port St. Lucie wanted a ‘hook up,’ he began texting friends, or so he thought,” wrote the Sheriff’s Officeon Facebook. “It turns out, Lamberson’s misdial connected him to someone who knows all too much about illegal drugs.”


“Whassup. Chillin here,” said Capt. Brian Bergen in the text conversation that followed. “You got any hooks for sum blow”

“I actually do man,” Lamberson allegedly replied. “Lol”

According to police, Bergen then arranged to buy cocaine from Lamberson. From WPBF:

They agreed to meet up at a pool hall in Jensen Beach. Instead of meeting up with an old friend, Lamberson came face to

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