Education Key When Considering Prescribing Medical Marijuana

LAS VEGAS — Clinicians should educate themselves and their patients if they choose to use medical marijuana in their practice, according to Michael E. Schatman, PhD, a clinical psychologist who has spent decades working in multidisciplinary chronic pain management. He presented on this topic during a session this week.

Much has been published on medical marijuana within the past year, but the data on safety are not encouraging and data on clinical efficacy are very limited. Generally, the quality of research from countries like Israel and Brazil has been much better than that from the United States because the laws governing research are different in those countries, Dr. Schatman explained.  However, help may be on the way in the form of the 21st Century Cares Act. The law was recently amended to facilitate medical cannabis research, rescheduling it from a 1 to a 1-R designation, likely “making it easier to do...

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