Brazilian Supreme Court Seriously Considering Decriminalizing Weed

Do Brazilian citizens have the right to consume drugs? That’s the question being considered by the Brazil's highest court in a case that has challenged the constitutionality of laws punishing drug consumption. Possession of marijuana, cocaine and other drugs is a crime in Brazil, even small amounts. In 2009, a man who was already in prison on a petty crime and an illegal firearms conviction was caught with a small quantity of marijuana, convicted and punished with an additional sentence.

Robbery is a no-brainer crime, but for Brazilian judges the marijuana posession don't make as much sense. Arguments for the decriminalization of all drugs, not just marijuana were spearheaded this week by two off the 11 judges on the bench. In signaling his vote, judge Luís Roberto Barroso compared criminalization of personal drug use to a dictatorship.

“The state has every right to combat the use [of drugs], to mount...

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