New Poll Shows 56% Support Marijuana Legalization in Michigan

LANSING– Clarity about the support enjoyed by Michigan’s dueling legalization of marijuana ballot proposals was gained via a new poll released on September 8.

The Poll, conducted by Public Sector Consulting (PSC) and Michigan Radio, yielded an overall 55.7% Support for legalizing the adult use of marijuana in Michigan, with 40.2% Opposed and 4.2% Unsure. The poll involved 600 registered Michigan voters who identified themselves as Very Likely to vote in the 2016 Presidential elections.

The pollsters went further, asking legalization supporters to identify which method of legalization they prefer. Most voters supported a degree of state control and taxation, and most favored a proposal that allows local cultivation and home growing of marijuana.

That corresponds to the proposal offered by the MILegalize group. MILegalize is the common name used by the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Initiative. Their Board is composed of more than a dozen grass-roots activists, attorneys,...

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