If cops and unions agree, then why hasn’t medical weed bill passed?

Just days before Friday’s deadline to pass legislation in this session, something weird is going down in Sacramento with legislation that could — after two decades — bring structure and regulation to the medical marijuana industry. And it may have to do with who gets the credit.

For the first time cops, labor, weed growers and cities are uniting behind the same medical pot policy. Gov. Jerry Brown — no fan of the devil’s herb — has his office engaged in forging Assembly and Senate versions of the bill into a single policy that’s to his liking.

As a sign of this harmony, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union — which would unionize pot industry workers into “budtenders” — along with the League of Cities, the California Police Chiefs Association, the California Teamsters and the California Code Enforcement Officers sent a letter Wednesday afternoon to Senate leader Kevin DeLeon and Assembly...

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