Brent Zettl of Prairie Plant Systems takes run at Saskatoon pot dispensary

It's not that Brent Zettl thinks there's no place for a medical marijuana dispensary in Saskatoon.

It just shouldn't be dispensing marijuana.

Rather, he said it has a role to inform the public and people who use medical pot.

Zettl is president of Prairie Plant Systems Inc.. The company has worked in the medical marijuana field since 1990. Zettl asked to speak to the planning and development committee about the city's first medical marijuana dispensary.

"I'm here to straighten out some facts," he said.

"These storefront operations should be seen as drug traffickers." - Brent Zettl

​Zettl takes issue with claims made by the dispensary on several fronts.

He said that access to medical marijuana is not a problem. He said deliveries to registered customers is typically 48 hours, not six weeks. He added that federally-licensed producers harvested and stored thousands kilograms of marijuana last year.

He also said that professional marijuana growers are able to...

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