Port Hope paves way for possible medical marijuana industry

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Politicians consider potential sites for marijuana facilities ahead of updating bylaw

PORT HOPE -- Port Hope is considering updating its laws to allow medical marijuana facilities to set up shop in the municipality. 

Council will make a decision on Sept. 15 whether to make changes to its current zoning bylaws to include provisions as to where a medical marijuana facility could potentially be built and operate. 

Port Hope’s elected officials and members of staff met on Wednesday for a public meeting on the issue. 

Municipal planner Theodhora Merepeza led a presentation that recommended allowing medical marijuana facilities to fall under the zoning category of ‘general employment zones’. While medical marijuana facilities are licensed by Health Canada, the federal government is respecting municipal zoning bylaws. 

The recommendation to council also suggested more sites in Ward 1 than Ward 2 as Ward 2 is primarily agricultural land. A medical marijuana facility requires...

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