Some Ontario Doctors Cancelling Out-Of-Province Cannabis Documents

Some out-of-province patients accessing the MMPR via telemedicine clinics in Ontario are being told they will no longer be able to use these clinics.

In the past few weeks, Lift has recently begun hearing from patients who live outside Ontario and have accessed or attempted to access a medical document for medical cannabis (re: prescription) using telemedicine from a doctor in Ontario, only to be denied. The reasoning behind this change remains unclear. Some clinics have blamed Health Canada, but Health Canada has publicly issued no such rule at this time.

One such patient, Chase, 27 of Saskatoon, told us that he recently received a call from his clinic in Ontario informing him that the doctor will no longer be evaluating out of province patients.

“It was Aug 6 of 2014 when I was authorized,” says Chase. “I got a call while at work, they left me a short voicemail saying ‘we’re sorry...

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