Marijuana Radio Is Alive And Well

Cultural icon Tommy Chong’s voice is drifting out over a vast portion of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, uttering these silky words:

“Support MILegalize… I do.”

The message is born on the radio waves of WUPS; the issue is legalization of marijuana; the breakthrough is the acceptance of marijuana issues by mainstream radio stations. The Black Tuna, Robert Platshorn, just announced a similar accomplishment in a few other states where radio spots in support of his The Silver Tour are popping up.

You would think any radio station in 2015 would be happy to have a series of commercials or a broadcast program that embraces one of the world’s most rapidly-evolving social issues. After all, radio is a dying medium. Our money spends, just like cash gained from other commercial entities.

Still, it’s hard to break decades-long stereotypes, even in a state where medical marijuana has been prevalent for six years.


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