ALS survivor says marijuana saved her, fights to legalize it

Bob and Cathy Jordan say her ALS is relieved by medical marijuana, and are supporters of legalizing it in Florida.(Photo: WTSP)

PARRISH, Fla. -- When you pull up to the home of Bob and Cathy Jordan and see a FLCAN sign, you know exactly what they stand for.

"We're flat out legalization but regulate," said Bob.

Cathy has Lou Gehrig's disease or ALS. It's deadly and there's no known cure. But, she is a 30-year survivor of it. The married couple of 33 years attributes that to marijuana.

"It's a horrible disease, I think it's the worst disease out there," Bob said.

"She goes 10 days without cannabis, at the most 10 days, her twitching comes back, she starts drooling."

A doctor told Cathy at the age of 36 she had three to five years to live. Having nothing to lose, she decided to smoke a form of pot called...

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