High School E-Cigarette Smokers Use Device To 'Vape' Marijuana: Study

Almost one-fifth of high schoolers who use e-cigarette devices have operated it with marijuana, based on a new study. Electronic cigarettes function by vaporizing or "vaping" tobacco's nicotine or pot's tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), eliminating the creation of carcinogens caused by the burning tobacco or cannabis plant. However, the health effects of smoking e-cigs are still unclear.

The study involving Connecticut high school students was published in the journal Pediatrics.

Using e-cigarettes to smoke tobacco or marijuana has not been proven to be clearly safer than using traditional cigarette sticks or marijuana joints. In fact, the researchers wrote that vaping cannabis oils might cause higher amounts of THC to be released than puffing on dried hemp leaves.   

Teens in the study who used c-cigs were at a higher risk of vaping marijuana. While only 5.4 percent of the youngsters had used the device for that purpose, they were still 27 times...

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