3800 marijuana-related summonses in three months in NYC

NEW YORK – Young African American and Latino mothers with their children walk down the bustling blocks of Liberty and Fulton in the East New York section of Brooklyn. Boys' sneakers scuffle on the cement courts at the park where they play a pickup basketball game.

East New York is home to nearly 175,000 people. Less than 10 percent are Caucasian and most are younger than 45 years old. Many of them seldom leave Brooklyn. About 35 percent live below the poverty line, and only about 8 percent have earned a college degree. The 75th Precinct, which encompasses the area, has accounted for the second-highest number of marijuana possession summons in New York in 2015, similar to the years when it accounted for the most marijuana arrests.

Warm summer weekends in East New York usually mean block parties and young men on the porches of their row homes smoking joints....

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