Study: One in five people in Finland has tried illegal drugs

Finnish residents are becoming increasingly tolerant of recreational drugs such as cannabis. Use of the substance has become commonplace among young adults, but has also become more widespread among the over-35 crowd. By contrast, the cannabis trend appears to be tapering off in other parts of Europe.

Since its previous study on drug use in 2010, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) found that the use of cannabis has increased among persons over the age of 35.

"We’re talking about a small group. This age group includes those who’ve continued to use marijuana after their youth. Use of cannabis typically declines with age," said research chief Pekka Hakkarainen of the THL.

What’s also new is that over-35s are also showing up among first-time users of the drug.

"The opportunity to try cannabis may present itself in situations such as an overseas trip," Hakkarainen

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