Medical marijuana bust in NOTL

It’s one of the largest medical marijuana busts in the country. Niagara police raided a medical marijuana grow on Lakeshore in Niagara-on-the-lake and cut down and seized nearly 900 plants, worth $1.6 million dollars.

Outside and behind the greenhouse police found 843 large marijuana plants growing in the hoop houses and on the grounds. Growing marijuana outside is illegal.  11 people were arrested and the property was seized.

Hans Rannala lives next door and says this marijuana grow op has been here for a few years.

The government tried to shut these types of medical marijuana grows down, but they’ve challenged it in court.

“My hands were tied.  Enforcement’s hands were tired.  They couldn’t do anything until the grow op did something silly or stupid.”

The old rules wouldn’t allow town officials to check for bylaw infractions, but then they found out they were growing more than their licence allowed...

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