Florida communities are rethinking marijuana arrests, and we should, too

In normal circumstances, this would be handled at the state level.

But since the Florida Legislature is ruled by self-serving, ideological blowhards, it is being left up to individual municipalities to have grown-up discussions about marijuana.

And in recent months, two of the state's largest metropolitan areas have decided to all but decriminalize minor marijuana possession offenses.

The Miami-Dade County Commission was the first to approve a measure that gives police the option to issue $100 civil citations — sort of like a traffic ticket — instead of charging someone with a criminal misdemeanor for possessing up to 20 grams of pot.

Police still have the option of making an arrest, or giving suspects a notice to appear in court, but the clear intent is to lessen the ramifications of small-time marijuana busts.

A few days ago, the West Palm Beach City Commission gave preliminary approval to a similar law....

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