Australia: 'I ate cannabis this morning': NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham discusses hemp industry at budget estimates

A NSW Greens MP has told a budget estimates hearing he broke the law by eating cannabis this morning, to prove a political point about hemp-based foods.

Jeremy Buckingham made the confession before asking Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair why it was illegal to consume hemp seed in New South Wales, stifling a potentially lucrative industry.

The ABC understands Mr Buckingham had eaten some certified organic hemp seeds before attending the hearing.

According to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, hemp is a source of protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

Low-THC hemp can be grown in NSW under licence, but it is used for its fibres and oil, not for food.

Mr Buckingham, the Greens agriculture spokesman, has campaigned for farmers to be allowed to sell hemp seed for human consumption, to make the crop more viable. 

Mr Blair appeared momentarily taken aback by Mr Buckingham's admission:


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