We Have No Idea What Kind Of Cannabis We’re Buying

As cannabis becomes a legitimate, legal, and highly profitable crop, scientists are finally beginning to analyze and understand it. And what they're finding is that the long ban has led to consumers basically knowing nothing about it.

As the ban on cannabis lessens, scientists have finally sweeping away the popular understanding of the crop and how it works, which has largely been informed by guesswork and superstition. Case in point: the divide between indica and sativa strains, which a team from various Canadian universities recently examined.

There are three species of plant in the cannabis genus: Cannabis sativaCannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. (The latter is lower in the active chemical THC than the former two species, and so is less commonly grown.) Sativa and indica species can be cross-bred, producing mixed strains, but many dispensaries (both legal and not) identify products as being mostly or entirely sativa or indica.

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