Marijuana and vets with PTSD

After 17 months, Dr. Suzanne Sisley is about to get the marijuana she needs to start a federally approved clinical study into whether marijuana helps veterans with PTSD.

She proposed this research five years ago, and has been herding bureaucratic turtles ever since. She’ll do the study in Arizona even though none of the state’s universities wanted to work with her on the fully funded study into one of the hottest topics around.

There is a list of reasons why vets are still waiting for answers.

One is the marijuana monopoly the feds built with your tax money.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is the single source for marijuana for research. NIDA contracts only with the University of Mississippi to grow pot for researchers. The official grower is slow and the quality of the product is low, say critics.

“The whole system is just an abomination,” says Sisley, who is lead investigator...

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