UBC study exposes labelling of marijuana strains

Not to harsh your mellow, but a new study suggests that labelling of marijuana, even by medical growers, is frequently inaccurate.

Dr. Jonathan Page of UBC's Department of Botany says users who seek out specific strains for medical or other reasons will often find their weed is not as advertised.

"Those classifications are actually quite inaccurate. The plants that were reported to be sativa were often not genetically sativa, and vice versa with indica as well," he said.

Dr. Page studied the DNA of 81 strains of marijuana from a medical grower in Ontario when he found the dubious labelling, suggesting this problem goes beyond illegal growers.

Indica? Sativa?

Most herbal aficionados will attest that certain strains have different kinds of psychoactive effects. 

Dr. Page says his work doesn't discredit the notion that different types of pot have different effects; he says the takeaway is that there is no reliable...

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