Marijuana legalization a 'terrible idea,' says GOP presidential hopeful John Kasich

LANSING, MI — Marijuana legalization is a "terrible idea," according to Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, whose home state will see a pot proposal on the ballot this fall.

"It sends mixes messages to young people about drugs," Kasich told on Tuesday as he wrapped up a two-day swing through Michigan. "I don't think we should do that. We need to tell young people to stay off drugs."

Kasich acknowledged the distinction between marijuana and harder drugs like heroin but suggested that legalization could cloud the issue for young people.

"So some drugs are okay but others aren't? We've got kids. Why don't we just say don't do drugs, period," Kasich said.

The Ohio proposal, set to appear on the November 3 ballot, would legalize and tax recreational marijuana sales to adults 21 years and older. In a unique twist that has sparked opposition...

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