Terminally ill cancer sufferer pleads with government to legalise cannabis

A NORTH-EAST pensioner dying from liver cancer is begging the authorities to legalise cannabis.

Days after the Government issued a damning response to campaigners, a terminally ill woman has backed growing calls to decriminalise the class-B drug.

In response to a pro-legalisation petition with more than 200,000 signatures, the government issued a statement earlier this week outlining the alleged dangers of cannabis use, saying legalisation would “send the wrong message”.

The pensioner, who does not wish to be identified, has criticised the Government’s stance, saying the opposition is hypocritical given the fact they allow pharmaceutical companies in the UK to harvest the plants.

The woman, from the south Durham area, is one of a growing number of ailing pensioners turning to cannabis oil in a bid to alleviate symptoms from a variety of ailments.

The 63-year-old credits marijuana with slowing the growth of her cancer and allowing her to live...

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