Lime-Hemp Groningen promising for earthquake resistant building

Groningen, The Netherlands – EcoBouwSalland, HempFlax and Sanger IBCT are studying how home insulation based on a mixture of hemp and lime hemp behaves during earthquakes. This research is supported by the NAM (Dutch Petroleum Company). Earlier tests had shown that the product has a low modulus of elasticity. This means that it gives way, instead of tearing.

The flexibility of lime is well known in the construction industry. And certainly in Groningen, where limestone mortar plays an essential role in the architecture the traditional barns, built from stone and mortar. These walls grow with time without dilatation. If crack appears, it most often closes in on itself under the influence of rain and humidity.

Lime-hemp insulation is made ​​up of lime, hemp and pure natural additives. EcoBouwSalland used cementless hydrated lime that needs less heat during the production process than hydraulic lime, making it a more environmentally friendly...

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