Florida: Proposed medical marijuana amendment headed for court review

A proposed medical marijuana ballot initiative is headed to the Florida Supreme Court for review.

By the end of the day Monday, the state had verified 73,713 petitions -- about 5,400 more than needed to qualify for review by the court.

The verified signatures come after United for Care, the organization pushing for a medical marijuana amendment, submitted more than 100,000 signatures for review on July 22. The signatures were then checked to determine there were no duplicates and that the signees were on Florida voter rolls.

Of those, 73,713 signatures passed that test.

It now falls to the Florida Supreme Court to decide whether the proposed amendment touches on just one subject and is constitutional. The court approved a similar amendment for the 2014 election. That amendment made it to the ballot, but garnered just 57.6 percent of the vote when 60 percent was required to pass.

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