Swedish man acquitted in court for growing medical marijuana

Yesterday was a historical day for all of us who want to see medical cannabis reintroduced as a legal available medicine in Sweden. 
Andreas Thörn, 36, from the city of Västerås was (to his delight and big surprise) acquitted in the lower District Court of Västmanland for growing his own medical marijuana at home.

The “crime” he committed was growing and using cannabis to ease his pain, which he contracted some 20 years ago in a motorcycle accident. Ever since then he has been in a wheelchair. Cannabis seems to be the only medicine that works in this case.

Andreas has been through all the legal alternatives without any success.
The sentence means that Andreas will get back almost 100 grams of home grown weed, which the cops are being forced to return to him.

This is unheard of in Sweden with one of the toughest drug laws in the western...

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