Poll: Fighting Marijuana Legalization Is Bad Politics

New poll suggests candidates who are pro-states' rights as far as marijuana is concerned may connect with key primary voters

Most voters in Iowa and New Hampshire think the feds should stay out of states' marijuana legalization efforts, according to new poll numbers. 

A new Public Policy Polling survey from early primary states Iowa and New Hampshire has found that a solid majority of Republican respondents approve of states' rights to carry out marijuana policy reform without the feds cracking down. The survey, commissioned by the Marijuana Majority, found that 64 and 67 percent of Republican respondents in Iowa and New Hampshire, respectively, agree that "states should be able to carry out their own marijuana laws without federal interference."

In both states, the percentage of respondents who supported that sentiment was higher for Democrats (80 percent in Iowa; 77 percent in New Hampshire) and respondents overall (70 percent in Iowa; 73...

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