Do Icelanders really smoke more cannabis than anyone else?

BAGS OF WEED Local Police raiding a cannabis producer. Despite what you might have read 1) Icelanders don't smoke more weed than others and 2) authorities don't turn a blind eye to pot. Photo/Valgarður Gíslason.

Earlier this week the Daily Mail ran a story with the headline "Forget Amsterdam! Iceland smokes the most cannabis". According to the story the reason is that attitudes to cannabis smoking in Iceland are very liberal and its use tolerated by the authorities. The story has received considerable attention, being shared more than two thousand times. There is only one problem: While it has a catchy title, and even if fits the narrative of liberal permissiveness in Iceland, the story is wrong.

Yet another category in which Iceland excels, on a per capita basis?
The Daily Mail story is based on maps comparing the rates of drug and alcohol use in the US and Europe...

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