Massive Cambodian Marijuana Bust: Police Take $7M Worth Of Pot Smuggled In From Laos

About $7 million worth of marijuana stuffed into coffee bags has been seized by police in Cambodia as the country tries to crackdown on the drug, according to the Associated Press. The 1.5 tons of marijuana confiscated during a series of raids is the largest haul police have made since the crackdown began 15 years ago.

The marijuana was smuggled in from Laos in bags of the popular coffee brand Dao and was intended to go to a third country, but officials would not say where the final destination for the drug was. Officials did not say who was behind the smuggling, but said they believed it was a Westerner and that three suspects were arrested over the weekend in Phnom Penh in relation to the smuggling, the Daily Mail reported.

"They planned to smuggle the marijuana to third countries where the price is...

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