Security service for cannabis businesses latest to enter Alaska market

Without reconciliation of banking laws at a federal level, local businesses, such as those popping up in Alaska, will need security to handle cash.

Like a gold rush, Alaska's upcoming green rush will bring stacks of specie and currency, along with a version of the Pinkertons to guard the loot.

Federal banking laws prohibit federally- or state-chartered banks and credit unions from accepting marijuana deposits or giving marijuana loans. The disparity between federal law and states that have legalized the product creates a unique security risk, as it consigns every cannabis grower, retailer, and broker to a cash-only business model ripe for theft or robbery. Alaska is catching on to a trend of cannabis business security that is rapidly growing in the Lower 48.

State representatives are familiar with upticks in burglaries and robberies targeted at cannabis businesses in states like Colorado, and have been hoping for legislation that would...

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