Marijuana prohibition is expensive: Italy loses 8.5 billion euro a year

The Experience of Colorado teaches that we should legalize the herb. Reports of a year and a half from the opening of coffee shops. Health spending is unchanged, crimes decreased and tax revenues increased. An example to follow, it also says it is anti-mafia.

This is a windfall for the state, at least potentially. If Italy liberalizes soft drugs, the public purse could earn up to 8.5 billion euro a year, a huge figure. Almost equivalent, so to speak, what would be needed today for the government of Matteo Renzi to avoid the VAT increase planned starting next year.

The calculations on the financial benefits of cannabiswere made by Ferdinand Ofria and Piero David, two professors of Economics at the University of Messina. In their study, just published in, the two experts argue that "legalization is a good deal." The research example of Colorado, the first US state where marijuana became legal not only for...

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