Why Cannabis Needs to Be Legalized in Australia

The other week, one of my friends was charged with a crime. When I say “crime”, I don’t mean anything serious.

I apologize for not using the language of the polite and the civilized; but he didn’t steal anything, he didn’t punch someone, he didn’t rape anyone, and he didn’t kill anyone.

All he did was forget to clean out his car properly, leaving 0.3 grams of cannabis in the car. That’s right, 0.3 grams. Nothing. Less than a “joint”, as those devilish hemp junkies would term it.

Dylan McPadden, who hosts electronic music festivals and attends university, looks to be one of the last of a long line of victims of the unjust policy of cannabis prohibition within Australia. Cannabis prohibition is in itself an odd thing. A result of the anti-drug frenzy legal of the 1920’s, a fallout of the failed American policy of alcohol prohibition, cannabis prohibition...

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