Booze in supermarkets unfair to those with alcohol issues

The sale of booze in supermarkets is a nice idea of you like a drink; it’s hell on those who have trouble with their drinking.

The newspapers unfurl on the kitchen table every morning, and for an hour I am an old-school general of the news, absorbing fresh troop movements and daily atrocities.

It is early and I am not done with coffee, nor have I eaten an orange or an egg, when the LCBO ad insert falls out of the paper, and I suddenly feel the need for clear gin in bottles blue or green, and a pale cold glass of pilsner, and rye whiskey splashed over crystal cubes of ice and, yes, a delicate glass of wine as dark as blood.

It is not yet 8:00 a.m.

I am not a heavy drinker. I have a glass or two of wine with supper, and I will have a...

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