CT: State did right in expanding medical marijuana list

The issue: Careful consideration has to go into the types of physical ailment that qualify state residents to participate in Connecticut’s relatively new medical marijuana program.

As it stands now, 11 conditions are approved by statute for patients to get prescribed doses of the drug to ease symptoms.

Earlier this month, the five-member Board of Physicians that administers the program heard compelling testimony from three women who suffer from an ailment called reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a rare and painful disorder of the sympathetic nervous system, which affects heart rate, blood pressure and blood vessel constriction.

Also known as complex regional pain syndrome, the condition diagnosed in about 50,000 people nationally each year is often triggered by a cascading effect from minor sprains or fractures of limbs. Despite the wrenching testimony, the board put off making a decision.

What we wrote: “Connecticut’s three-year-old medical marijuana program is a carefully monitored...

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