Alaska: Palmer, Houston to revist marijuana issue

HOUSTON — Voters in Houston will join those in Palmer to decide whether or not marijuana will be commercially available in local stores this fall.

Voters in both communities voted to approve statewide Ballot Measure Two, which legalized the drug in 2014. Houston was the community that voted to approve marijuana by the widest margin of local municipalities: 14 percent. In Palmer, voters gave less full-throated support, approving legalization by a four-percent margin.

The resolutions voters in each town will face are identical, essentially banning marijuana cultivation facilities, manufacturing facilities, testing facilities and retail stores within city limits. The sponsor of the latest measure, Houston resident Scott Thompson, says his petition was provided by a political group formed after Ballot Measure Two passed last fall, and coordinated by borough mayor Larry DeVilbiss, who also faces re-election at the same time. DeVilbiss appears as a secondary sponsor.

“There was a coalition...

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