Brazil: Supreme Court Judge to consider legalization of marijuana today

Ministers will define whether it is crime carry narcotics for personal consumption

Brasília - The Brazilian Supreme Court (STF) begins judgment today to determine whether it is a crime or not to carry drugs for personal consumption. The trial is based on an appeal that reached the Supreme in 2011, due to a marijuana arrest  two years earlier, in the center of custody is Diadema (SP).

From that episode, the Supreme Court will consider whether or not the Anti-Drug Law criminalizing the possession of narcotics is a constitutional article. The tendency of the court is to decriminalize drug possession for personal use. Three of the 11 ministers of the Supreme Court have indicated to be in favor of decriminalization.

The expectation is that the administrator of the matter, Minister Gilmar Mendes, will increase the power of the judge's decision before the drug possession of the act. Today it is up to the police to decide...

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