5 myths about marijuana

Let’s break down some myths about marijuana:

Myth 1: Marijuana use is harmless.

Today’s marijuana is far more potent than the plant of the past.

New strains are being crossbred to produce higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol — the chemical responsible for marijuana’s effects — than ever before, with some reaching 20 to 30 percent THC (as compared with the average 1 percent THC in the 1970s).

We don’t yet know the full extent to which increased levels of THC will affect the brain and the body. However, the National Institute on Drug Abuse cautions that it could lead to higher rates of addiction and adverse health consequences.

Additionally, since the big boom of the marijuana industry, states with recreational legalization laws have seen increases in marijuana-related emergency room visits, child poisonings from edibles, and fatal car crashes involving drivers who tested positive for the...

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