Synthetic cannabis Full Moon and Sinsence banned in South Australia

A SYNTHETIC cannabis that makes users psychotic and gives them apparent superhuman strength has been banned in South Australia.

Attorney-General John Rau added two new synthetic chemicals that mimic cannabis — known by the street names Full Moon and Sinsence — to the list of substances outlawed in the state.

They are believed to be similar to a type of synthetic pot known as Spice, which has become prevalent among homeless people in the US and UK because it is a cheap high, but which has side effects likened to crack cocaine.

The drug increases body temperature, sometimes leading users to strip naked. It has been dubbed “weaponised marijuana” by New York’s police chief because it makes addicts impervious to normal police take-down measures such as Tasers.

Full Moon and Sinsence have been sold legally in SA shops because substances only become illegal once added to the Government’s banned list or can...

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