Danish Researchers are sounding the alarm: Substances destroys teeth

Researchers are sounding the alarm: Substances destroys teeth

Cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine and other drugs can have serious consequences for dental health, warns researcher at the School of Dentistry. It writes Dental Journal.

It is well known that drugs can cause physical, psychological and social problems, but a wide range of illicit drugs also affects the teeth and mouth and can cause problems as caries and periodontal disease.

"You are likely to have major damage to the teeth, gums and mucous membranes if you take drugs daily, but the young people over the long term only take drugs at festive occasions, also have problems, such as more cavities, periodontal disease, teeth grinding, impaired mouth opening ability and dry mouth, "says Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen, who researches the effects of drugs on the mouth and salivary glands at the School of Dentistry in Copenhagen.

A report from the National Board of Health from...

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